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Another dry day so we popped down the allotment after work. The best surprise was the elves had been down today and re dug and fertilised the back cage, planted spinach, chard and baby salad! They’d also tidied up round the side of the fruit cage. Thank you elves! We pootled around, took the flowers off the rhubarb, we were reliably informed if we leave them the rhubarb will be rubbish and we did a bit of watering. Soooo relaxing!

Time to start planting some of the seeds. Some in the mini greenhouse and some for the windowsills inside. So we got in the following:

Tomatoes; black cherry, yellow pear cherry and Bulgarian steak (a kind gift).

Beans; yellow bush, black bush, green bush, runners

Marigolds for around the tomatoes

Squash; butternut, yellow courgette, round courgette


Peppers; cayenne, sweet


Think that is everything we did. They were a mixture of bought and saved from last year so it will be interesting to see how and if they all work! We’ll keep you updated.

Seeds, we’re swimming in them (and these aren’t all!) The new cover for the mini greenhouse is on its way, windowsills are cleared and if the weather holds Sunday we start planting! We can’t wait. Only trouble is we now need to work out when they all need to be planted as there are no instructions on these packets! Does anyone know off the top of their heads, we know some need to go in now?

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