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Our fourth year as metropolitan allotment gardeners in the UK (one of us is American). As we are still really novices we thought it would be fun to document our allotment journey. We'll let you know the successes as well as the failures on the allotment, share recipes for the fruit and veg we produce and hopefully swap tips with other keen gardeners. Enjoy!!
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Blackberries, yum. Never realised how good they taste with rice pudding!

Nice hour down the allotment after work tonight with one of the elves.  Even though we have had loads of rain, the unusual heat over here is meaning that we have to water daily as well.  So lucky tonight as one of the neighbours lent us their hose, thank you very much, it made life soooo much easier.  Still cropping at he moment, the never ending rhubarb, a few blueberries, a squash and some beans tonight, getting hungry….

We’ve got a lot of courgette/zucchini at the moment so experimenting with recipes. Tonight we have :
Zucchini fries
Zucchini,potato and spinach frittata
Bbq’d zucchini
All thoroughly yum!

Lovely to see everything growing.  The heavy rain last night combined with the sun have meant we have had a few firsts today.  Our first cucumber, our first cape gooseberry and our first butternut squash.  Love looking at everything growing.  Can you tell the different kinds of tomatoes?

What an absolutely glorious day, nothing like allotment on a summers day.  Too hot to work but a nice sit and look and chatting with neighbours kept us busy for 2.5 hours.  30/86 degrees in England after a huge thunderstorm the night before.  Perfect growing weather! Looking forward to dinner as always at this time of year.

A day off work so a good few hours put in down the allotment. (One armed) Got up the rest of the garlic, now have two spaces for more planting, anybody got any ideas on what is good to plant now? We have a new doggy friend, she loves it down there too and is ever so friendly.  Guess what we are having for dinner tonight, what ever it is it will include beans, potatoes and courgettes!

Always fun with little miss down the allotment, it makes her and us really happy, shame about the hay fever for two of us though!

Tonights harvest, blueberries, yellow and round courgettes, artichokes and yellow and green beans.  Does anyone have any good recipe ideas?

The first tomatoes are forming and the purple beans finally have flowers, phew, thought they weren’t going to work.  The blackberries are starting to redden and we have our first butternut squash flower yay!  The celery is starting to look healthy too, hope our only 6 apples cling on to the end….

Nice walk down the allotment tonight after work.  The elves had been busy since we had last been there and made a covering for the cauliflower and broccoli and replanted and made a cover for the kale, thank you!  Everything is growing in jags at the moment, sun rain, sun rain.  Loving the coloured balls!

We love this time of year when the crops keep on coming. Our first new potatoes for dinner tonight, yum plus salad leaves, courgettes, yellow courgettes and rogue garlic!

A late walk down the allotment tonight. Got some spinach for dinner tomorrow, a few rogoue garlic gloves, blueberries and our first beans. The beans will be going in our first ratatouile of the season along with the courgettes from the other day, yum!

The elves have been down the allotment, they’ve been picking again and sent this message;

The rhubarb keeps on coming.  Bumper crop this year.  Lettuce for dinner.  Those green courgettes are giants”

Let’s hope it keeps on giving, certainly have had enough rain tonight

Today’s goodies, the worlds biggest round courgette!!  Wonder what it will be like in the middle? Our first yellow courgette, not a bad size, feel a ratatouille coming on! We also got our first few, just a handful of blueberries, oh they tasted good.

The colours are amazing, especially the marigolds.  Got our first batch of blueberries today and might even get beans for dinner this week if we look carefully enough. The tomatoes really seem to like it down the allotment as well, they have never got that big in our back garden.