Urban Garden Allotment

Our fourth year as metropolitan allotment gardeners in the UK (one of us is American). As we are still really novices we thought it would be fun to document our allotment journey. We'll let you know the successes as well as the failures on the allotment, share recipes for the fruit and veg we produce and hopefully swap tips with other keen gardeners. Enjoy!!
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It’s that sad time of year when there’s not so much produce and its time to tidy up. Got rid of all the beans today, it seems empty now, saved loads of seeds too. Still got butternut squash, kale and spinach though.

Yay, the experiment worked and we managed to grow our own Physalis (cape gooseberry) didn’t know if they would work in the UK , think the long summer helped. Also we finally got a few Bulgarian tomatoes, yummy and some peppers and chilis. We’ve been so lucky with our crops/produce this year.

Time to get rid (well save actually) some of the glut. Blackberry Vodka (ready in 10-12 weeks), a perfect Christmas tipple, courgette brownies (a low fat healthy alternative to eggs and butter and one of your five a day!), 3 jars of a never tested green tomato and cucumber relish, we’ll find out how that tastes in 4 weeks, courgette butter/marmalade and finally pickled gherkins. You can find the recipes here:


We still have loads of courgettes, any ideas for recipes we can store?

Agghh, tomato blight! And it is spreading quickly. Time to strip off all the tomatoes, ripe or green. We’ve already lost so many :( does anyone have any good green tomato recipes?

First celery of the year, and its gone white - yay.  More tomatoes et al today - the gift that ee cheers for that keeps on giving!

Fresh tomatoes from the allotment. The yellow are pretty but not as flavoursome, the red are good but the black (dark red) are the best.

The finished result! And only one cracked pane!

A friend kindly donated a half greenhouse for the allotment, big thank you. Well done boys on getting back up!

First tomatoes and black chillis yay. Does anyone know what’s wrong with our cucumbers?

Thanks for the info ‘re powdery mildew,next question, is there anything we can do about it?

Veg veg veg, nothing like it with a Sunday lunch, the allotment really is amazing

And for dessert….Apple and Blackberry crumble, almost a free meal tonight..what’s not to love about grow your own?

Dinner tonight using up our produce from the allotment, potato and courgette bake and beans casserole, yummy!

And the bounty keeps on coming! Still loving the allotment.

Good pickings tonight, now we need to find a good pickiling recipe.

Guess what we are having for pudding tonight?