Urban Garden Allotment

Our fourth year as metropolitan allotment gardeners in the UK (one of us is American). As we are still really novices we thought it would be fun to document our allotment journey. We'll let you know the successes as well as the failures on the allotment, share recipes for the fruit and veg we produce and hopefully swap tips with other keen gardeners. Enjoy!!
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UUUGGGHH!!!  Grossest thing of the day, caterpillars who have laid thousands upon thousands of eggs and decimated our plants.  Does anyone know what type they are?

  1. citydwellercountrydreamer said: how do you get your photos all in one image? I love the layout!
  2. thevegplot said: Which plants are these? I know how you feel, I’ve been invaded by leaf miners (far worse) that are horror to get rid of and now I can’t eat ANY of those nice lettuces I’ve been looking forward to…
  3. beneath-my-tree said: You can see that the spots on the second and third segment (in the yellow band) aren’t connected, if so it would be a Water Betony (Shargacucullia scrophulariae)
  4. livingwind said: Any Caterpillar that will soon be a butterfly gorges itself to have the adequate nutrition to make a beautiful healthy butterfly This is a molt of Papilio polyxenes Black Swallowtail
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