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Our fourth year as metropolitan allotment gardeners in the UK (one of us is American). As we are still really novices we thought it would be fun to document our allotment journey. We'll let you know the successes as well as the failures on the allotment, share recipes for the fruit and veg we produce and hopefully swap tips with other keen gardeners. Enjoy!!
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Between us all we have managed to get down the allotment both days this week so far.  Tonight the weather was very pleasant, sunny and warm(ish). Managed to clear the really weedy patch, let’s see how long that lasts.  We also got some more plants in: Cucumber, yellow courgette (summer squash), more beans, lettuce and a kind gift on 2 globe artichokes from a fellow allotment holder.  The cucumber was a gift from another allotment holder, thank you so much! We are gifting butternut squash.  We have a lovely community down there.

It was nice to have company from our fury friend, she absolutely loved it and got to see all her friends human and dog! We took some more grass for the backyard, it’s working really well so far.

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