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Our fourth year as metropolitan allotment gardeners in the UK (one of us is American). As we are still really novices we thought it would be fun to document our allotment journey. We'll let you know the successes as well as the failures on the allotment, share recipes for the fruit and veg we produce and hopefully swap tips with other keen gardeners. Enjoy!!
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More fruit pickings today, its unbelievable, so many more than last year.  Red currants, raspberries and unbelievably more strawberries, that must be the last of them 21 pounds in total.  Feel some more frozen yoghurt coming on.

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  2. thevegplot said: Yum,Yum and more Yum! Isn’t it great when the garden gives back a good harvest? Have you decided what you’ll make with the surplus?
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  5. lastgreatpoolparty said: Has your weather been significantly different this summer or something? That’s a crazy amazing amount of fruit!
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